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Line Array Speakers vs Point Source

Have you ever take a moment to think about the features of gadgets before buying it? Are you the person getting influenced by other views to buy a product of speakers? You have to notice something beyond the other’s view regarding the speakers as a line array and point source. These are the terms, which are used to decide the purpose of using the speakers. Read more this article to know the reasons behind the line array and point-source on selecting the speakers.

Is it better to run out with point source?

With the line arrays, you can use to play the music in a large hall with a large number of peoples. Would you know what is line array speakers does for the crowd? The line of sound from the line array will travel to reach the far distance audience. The line array speaker mounted with a large number of speakers to compromise the list of the audience from far to near distance with the range on sound.

line array speakers vs point source

Did the simple pattern control the small crowd?

The simple pattern on the speaker models is point source speakers that are used to compromise the minimum number of people in the crowd. Point source speaker design to simpler the set up on lower cost to make the sound louder for certain limit of area. The main theme of the line array speakers and the point speakers is to produce sound as per their design and practical application.

What matters on the speakers to consider?

The specifications of the speakers are being as the key consideration to differentiate the speakers of line array vs regular speakers. Based on the size and seating area the speakers have to be used to coverage the sound for the crowd.

The type of the music system attached to the speakers’ matters to support the maximizing and gauging the sound. Point speakers cover a specific distance in different angles but the line array speakers are used in a large venue to cover a large distance

Advantages of using the speakers

The point speaker is easy to deployment and versatility in nature to cover the pattern with horizontal flow of sound. The advantage of using the line array system is it prevents the sound drop off levels with the specified distance. The line array music will pass on the vertical pattern with the capability of higher sound pressure level than below the stress point sound level.